Tanotango - VII Festival Internazionale del Tango Argentino. Un festival che lega profondamente la storia e la cultura che ospita alla storia e alla cultura ospitata: Napoli e Buenos Aires, la canzone napoletana e il tango.

Italiano Francais Espaņol Russo






The Maestros:


Alejandra Mantiñan e Horacio Godoy

mantinianAlejandra Mantiñan begins her career in 1985. She has been an assistant to Antonio Todaro for many years. For 12 years she danced with Gustavo Russo, with whom she worked in various great companies (the most famous of which is Tango Pasion), reaching over 300 cities in 7 years. Acclaimed artist, she is also a flawless Tango. Her research on the mechanics of the dance has made her well known and appreciated all over the world. She is world renowned as one of the best Tango dancers in activity. Her accuracy and speed in movements seize the attention of any audience, so as her teaching qualities are just loved by all of her students.
Osvaldo Zotto

Horacio Godoy,


Soledad Rivero and Sergio Cortazzo

Sergio Cortazzo e Soledad Rivero

Of Sergio and Soledad I prefer to tell from a personal standpoint. I met them separately: he danced with Gachi Fernandez and worked in the Tangox2 company of the golden times (those with Milena); I greatly appreciated the simple way of executing the most complex figures.
Only later, attending some of their stages in Buenos Aires I understood their secret: simplicity, above all simplicity. In their teaching there is no space for mystery: everything is logical and accessible to everybody. I met Soledad when she started dancing with Miguel Zotto. A normal girl in everyday’s life, who turned into a panther, a doll, a seductive woman on stage, according to necessity. At the beginning more an actress than a dancer, she conquered a deserved place among the mist elegant and fast dancers in the international scene. Together with Sergio they are an intriguing couple, but also a guarantee of serious work of the highest quality


Stefi Donisi


Alejandra Hobert and Adrian Veredice

Adrian Veredice e Alejandra Hobert are one of the most charismatic and famous couples in the world of Argentinean Tango, present as distinguished instructors and dancers in the world-class Festivals and Events At present they are Choreographers Etoiles of the "Show Otango", which is having great success in Europe. In Buenos Aires they are members of the staff of Maestros at the International Congress of Argentinean Tango. In U.S.A., they are instructors at the "Fred Astaire Studios", as well as in various other Tango Associations in Europe, Australia and Asia. Web page: www.adrianyalejandra.com / www.otango.com




Lorena Pastor and Gustavo Guarnieri

Lorena Pastor e Gustavo GuarnieriThe expressive abilities of Gustavo Guarnieri and its musical talents, coming from a Jazz background joined with the maternal sweetnerss of the dancer and instructor of Ballet and Spanish dances Lorena Pastòr; they make a couple with a very accurate and clear teaching style, capable of amusing, yet at the same time suggestive and catching exhibitions on stage. They are the resident instructors at the “Confitería Ideal” in Buenos Aires and of the Tango School by Alejandra Mantiñán; they took stable roles in the dancing staff of the “Reyes del Tango” and “Gente de Tango” orchestras. They also danced with other orchestras, such as “Sexteto Mayor”, “Beba Pugliese”, “Roberto Siri y los muchachos de antes”, “Sexteto Milonguero”, “Tubatango”, “Sans Souci”, “Color Tango”.


Stefi Donisi and the instructors from the Milonga Porteña

Stefi Donisi

Stefi Donisi, a Neapolitan engineer, started his career as a choreographer, dancer and instructor in Rome, where he lived for 20 years, at the Center for Argentinean Tango "Astor Piazzolla".

In 1997 he opened his tango school when it was a leisure-time activity of few dozens people. Since year 2000, he is entirely devoted to teaching Tango, an art which changed his life. In 2003, he receives for his school the High Quality Certificate from the "Academia Nacional del tango argentino", a public official body of Buenos Aires chaired by Horacio Ferrer.

One of the best dancers in Naples, he is appreciated for its teaching abilities and for the passion he can transfer to his pupils: Up to present, he introduced approximately 6000 people to tango, and his school has about 300 hundred active pupils; about 40 among his former students are now instructors of Tango.

Stefi Donisi is the promoter, as well as the Artistic Director of the Tano Tango festival. At present, he teaches and exhibits with Marianna Ruggiero and Lidia Salerno.

Stefi Donisi e Marianna Ruggiero

Marianna Ruggiero starts Argentinean tango in 2003, coming from a Ballet background. She studies Tango in its different expressione with many of the greatest Argentinean instructors. Since 2006 she started also teaching, together with Stefi Donisi, with whom also organises school syllabuses. Since 2007 she is one of the resident instructors at the Tamotango academy. She collaborates in phychodrama activities as well as in the artistic organisation of shows. A graduated in Psychology, she is especially interested in the study of the body, according to the tendencies of the “body – mind”, and, in particular, she is involved in Hholistic fitness, power stretching, as well as postural attitudes and proprioceptivity.

Lidia Salerno




The Beltango ensemble started in 1998 aiming at introducing tango to music lovers. The group achieves the same success both dancing in large concert halls and in small Tango and Jazz clubs or milongas. In concerts, the Beltango ensemble delivers all the richness of the tango repertoire , and adds to a number of traditional tangos and of pieces of tango nuevo by Astor Piazzolla new, contemporary pieces inspired to tango or brief excursions in other musical traditions, especially from Balkan area, combining them with tango.

Beltango already exhibited in international tango festivals and are in Naples for the second time, especially as a consequence of their great success in the past edition of the Festival.

They published 3 CDs:

“Beltango Nuevo plays Piazzolla”, 2001.

“Beltango en Vivo!”, 2004.

“Beltango Trilogia”, 2007.

And the DVD “Piazzollando”, 2006

They are the only European tango orchestra invited by the Argentinean Ministry for Cultural Affairs to play at the prestigious “World Tango Festival “, Buenos Aires 2007.


Aleksandar Nikolic (bandoneon/accordion)
Ivana Nikolic (piano/vocal)
Jovan Bogosavljevic (violin)
Bogdan Pejic (electric guitar)
Ljubinko Lazic (double bass)


Aires Tango

The ensemble starting in 1994 after an idea of the Argentinean saxophonist and composer Javier Girotto, who, getting inspiration from its musical heritage and merging it with the Jazz typical mood creates a new music landscape. Explicitly referring to Astor Piazzolla’s music, Javier Girotto with Aires Tango reaches a new original repertoire in progressive evolution, both for its improvisative nature and because of the continuous exchange of music material.

In 1995 Aires Tango interpret the original soundtrack of the theatre show “The witnesses” and of the movie “Bandits”.

In 1996 their first CD is published, “Malvinas” (islands off the Argentinean Atlantic coast also known as Falklands, the theatre, not many years ago, of an absurd war). At the end of 1997, their second CD is published, under the title of “Madres”, which, starting from the stylistic material of their first CD, moves on towards a further step in their music. Since 1998, Aires Tango take part to a large number of music festivals in Italy, and start collaborate with various soloists, among whom Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Gianni Coscia, Antonello Salis and Peppe Servillo of the Avion Travel. Their third recording effort came out in the spring of 1999 (entitled “Poemas”) and is dedicated to the great Hispanic contemporary literature.

From a meeting between the Argentinean leader and the photographer Giancarlo Cerando, originates the idea of commenting with music the wonderful images from a photo reportage. The rhythm and sound of their music carries the listener in an ideal trip to Argentina, going through the improvisations which make this ensemble so special in embracing so different music styles , and merging them in a explosion of emotions. In 2006 their last CD, “Trentamila Cuori” is memory, denunciation, remembrance. It comes out thirty years after the military coup in Argentina, as a consequence of which thirty thousand people disappeared entirely: not only intellectuals, but also workers, students, all that vast progressist humanity that was evolving at the time.

The result s a sort of “cured” tango, markedly latin in melodies and rhythms, but less bound by the canons of traditional tango, and therefore excellent round for jazz improvisations; in this way the Aires Tango reach a music with a great expressive freedom and a great charm, in which the echoes of the past are mixed with the statements of the most modern music language..
Javier Girotto (Sax,Andean flutes)
Alessandro Gwis (Piano)
Michele Rabbia (Drums)
Marco Siniscalco (Bass)


I Musicalizador:


Félix Picherna

Felix Picherna

In our festival, the single person who best represents tango in the world is Felix Picherna, "El decano de los D.J's". With his help, we will make a great journey across the best dancing tango orchestras. Almost seventy, Felix Picherna is the dj-musicalizador who, before moving to Italy , dj-ed for forty years in the slums of Baires. He has a preference for Di Sarli and Pugliese, often using dozens of audio cassettes which were employed quite a long time ago


Osvaldo Natucci

Osvaldo NatucciHistorical musicalizador at El Beso, one of the most famous milongas in Buenos Aires, Osvaldo Natucci listens to tango since he was five. We saw and listened to him in the great documentary movie “Milonga. El abrazo del tango” by Mafalda Trotta and Federico Ferrario. For ten years in a row he has been the official musucalizador at the Tango Festival organised by the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. He prepares the tandas on which participants to the Local and World Tango championship are selected. He is conviced that a good musicalizador must be a good dancer and a frequent patron of milongas; he has also been teaching tango for a long tome. He gave various seminars on tango music, addressed to musicalizadores and dancers, and contributed to the formation of many professional musicalizodores who are among the best in Buenos Aires milongas.l Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.









Guglielmo "Willy" Della Corte

Guglielmo (as a musicalizador, Willy) is a great all-round music enthusiast, who has acted as a disk jockey in various downtown bars in Naples (one for all, the renowned, and sadly disappeared, Baraonda). In 2001 he danced his first tango on the banks of Seine , in the same locations in which the movie "The Tango lessons" was filmed. He immediately gets deeply involved with tango culture. He attends lessons quite intensively and is present to all the events in Naples , at the same moment greatly extending, with tango music, his immense music collection. You can see him strolling around in many tango stages and festivals in Italy and abroad, and often travels to Argentina . He started almost for fun, and is now a renowned musicalizador both in Naples and in various places in Italy .